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What is Rover?

Rover is the #1 FREE app for connecting the Hill community. It allows users to track legislation, look up lobbyists, and even connect with other hill staffers. If someone has a government issued e-mail, they're using this app!

Rover opens up a whole world of creative options to engage your target audience. It's the perfect choice for your advertising message, be it advocating for a policy issue or promoting your organization’s products and services to the Hill community.

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Three ways to advertise on Rover:

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Looking to reach specific types of Hill Staffers?

With the new Rover app, you'll be able to advertise your services to users based on a variety of different attributes:

Reach Hill Staffers based on 13 different ad units:

  • Home Page
  • Quick Search Page
  • Staffer Profile Page
  • Member Search Page
  • Lobbyist Search Page
  • Bill Search Page
  • Staffer Search Results Page
  • Lobbyist Search Results Page
  • Notification Page
  • Staffer Special Page